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       Constellations are small groups of stars which appear in sky in specific shapes. There are about 88 constellations known to us. The names of these constellations have been derived from the names of animals or objects to which they appear to resemble. Some of the important and easily recognizable constellations are:

Ursa Constellation or Great Bear Constellation

       The great bear constellation is also called ursa major, big bear and saptarishi (in Hindi). This constellation consists of seven stars making up a pattern resembling with a big bear. This constellation can be seen easily in the north sky in the month of July.

The great bear constellation or ursa major or big bear or saptarishi (in Hindi)

       With the help of great bear constellation, the position of pole star can be easily located. Pole star is also called Dhruv tara in Hindi. It is situated immediately above the north pole of the earth. Pole star remains stationary at its position, and all the other stars appear to revolve around the pole star from east to west direction. To locate the position of pole star with the help of great bear constellation, imagine a line between the star 1 and star 2. Now, extend this imaginary line in north direction. This extended imaginary line always leads to the pole star.

Method to locate pole star

Method to locate pole star with the help of great bear constellation

Orion Constellation or Hunter Constellation

       Orion constellation is also known as hunter constellation or the hunter. It is seen in the north sky during winter. Its Indian name is Mriga. This constellation also consists of seven stars and their arrangement resembles a hunting man.

Orion Constellation

Scorpio Star Constellation

       The star in scorpio constellation resembles with a scorpio. This constellation can be seen during summer season in the night sky. Its Indian name is Vrishchika.

Scorpio Constellation

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  5. How many star constellations are there in the universe?

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