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Remote Sensing Satellites

       The technique which is used to get information about an object at a distance without being in physical contact with it is called remote sensing. The remote sensing is done through satellites called remote sensing satellites. The remote sensing satellites revolve around the earth in such a way that they pass over a particular area of the earth at the same local time. Such an orbit of a satellite is known as sun-synchronous orbit. When a remote sensing satellite passes over a particular area of the earth, it takes the photographs of that area which gives valuable information about that particular area of the earth. In India, the satellites launched for remote sensing are IRS-1A, IRS-1B and IRS-1C.

Applications of Remote Sensing Technology

The important applications of remote sensing technology are:

  • To know the area of earth covered by forests; to know the types of plants of a particular area;

  • To prepare the waste land maps;

  • Ground water surveys;

  • To know extent of pollution;

  • Drought assessment;

  • To detect deposits of fossil fuels and

  • For spying of enemy troops.

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What is meaning of remote sensing technology?

  2. What are applications of remote sensing technology?

  3. What is meaning of sun synchronous satellites?

  4. Give some examples of remote sensing satellites.

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