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Applications of Artificial Satellites

Following are the important applications of artificial satellites.

1. Communication

       The geostationary satellites are used for communication purpose like long distance telephone calls, telex, radio and T.V broadcasts etc. The satellites used for communication purpose are called communication satellites.

2. Spying

       Artificial satellites are used by military for spying of enemy troops to locate their positions and movements.

3. Weather forecasting

       Artificial satellites are used for weather forecasting. This is done by fitting special instruments and powerful cameras in the satellites which monitor various climatic factors such as air pressure, air temperature and humidity etc. The satellites used for weather forecasting are called weather satellites.

4. Collection of information about other planets and outer space

       The artificial satellites are used for collecting information about other planets, outer space, stars, galaxies, asteroids etc.

5. Collection of information about natural resources of earth

       Artificial satellites are also used for collecting information about natural resources of earth like oil wells, underground water, minerals, natural gas and coal deposits etc.

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