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       Wind is a renewable source of energy. Blowing air is known as wind. Since wind is moving air, so it possesses kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of wind has been used for centuries by human beings for doing various types of works. For example,

  1. Wind energy is used to propel sail boats.

  2. Wind energy is used to remove husk from grains.

  3. Wind energy is used for grinding grains.

  4. Wind energy is used to pump out underground water.

  5. Wind energy is used to generate electricity.

  6. Wind energy is used also used in flying gliders and aeroplanes.

Wind Mills

Wind Mills

       A machine which works with the wind energy (moving air) is called wind mill. Wind mill is also known as wind turbine. A wind mill consists of large blades like that of an electric fan fixed at the top of a rigid support. In a wind mill, the kinetic energy of moving air is usually converted into electricity. The principle of working of a wind mill is very simple. The blades of a wind mill are of special shape. When high speed wind strikes against these blades, a force is exerted on them due to which the blades start rotating. To produce electricity, the wind mill is attached to the armature of an electric generator with the help of a shaft. When the blades of the wind mill rotate, the armature of electric generator also starts rotating due to which electricity is produced. The schematic representation of working of a wind mill is shown in diagram.

Diagram Of wind turbine or Wind Mill

Diagram Of wind turbine or Wind Mill

Advantages of Wind Energy

       Following are the advantages of wind energy:

  1. It is renewable source of energy.

  2. It does not produce any type of environmental pollution.

  3. It is available free of cost.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

       Although the use of wind energy is pollution free and it is a renewable source of energy, yet it has a number of disadvantages also. These are:

  1. Wind mills cannot be established at every place. The wind mills can be established only at those places where the wind blows with a minimum speed of 15 Km/h and for greater part of the year.

  2. The wind mills require much space.

  3. Wind mills can pose a threat to birds.

  4. The cost of construction and installation of wind mills is very high.

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