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       Recombination of spectrum colors means the combining together of seven colors of white light produced by a prism to give back the white light. This can be done by doing following experiment

Experiment to show recombination of colors

       Take two glass prisms P1 and P2 and place the second prism P2 upside down with respect to the first prism P1. Now, allow a beam of white light to fall on first prism P1. The first prism splits the white light into seven colors. When these colors fall on the inverted prism, it recombines all the colors into white light which is observed ultimately as a patch of white light on the screen.

Recombination Of Spectrum Colors

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What do you understand by recombination of spectrum colors?

  2. Give an experiment to show recombination of colors.

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