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Practical Applications or Uses of Spherical Mirrors

       Following are the important uses of spherical mirrors:

  1. The concave mirrors are commonly used as shaving mirrors because when we see our face in the concave mirror then an enlarged and erect image is formed which helps in smooth shaving.

    Uses of Spherical Mirrors

  2. A concave mirror is used as the reflector in search lights, head lights of motor vehicles, solar cookers, torches and in table lamps.

  3. A concave mirror is also used as head mirror by doctors to examine the retina of the eye, ear and throat.

  4. A convex mirror is used in automobiles such as scooters, trucks and buses as rear view mirror to see the traffic behind the vehicle. The reason for it is that a convex mirror has a much wider field of view and the images formed are smaller and erect.

    Uses of Spherical Mirrors

  5. A convex mirror is also used as a reflector in street lamps.

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. Give various uses of spherical mirrors in our daily life.

  2. Why is concave mirror used as shaving mirror?

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