RadioActivity And Nuclear Reactions


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       We have already discussed that when a slow moving neutron hits a nucleus of U-235, three neutrons are produced. These three neutrons can strike with three more nuclei of U-235 to produce 9 neutrons, which in turn can bring about fission of nine nuclei of U-235 to produce 27 neutrons and so on. Thus, a continuous chain of nuclear reactions called nuclear chain reaction will be set up which will lead to production of a large amount of energy. If this reaction is allowed to continue endlessly, a very large amount of energy will be produced in a very short time which will lead to explosion. That is why; this reaction is used to make highly destructible atom bombs. This reaction can be represented as:

Nuclear Chain Reaction

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What is nuclear chain reaction?

  2. Draw diagram of nuclear chain reaction.

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