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       Due to myopia the eyes are able to see nearby objects clearly but cannot see the distant objects clearly. This defect is caused due to the formation of image of distant object in front of the retina.

myopia or nearsightedness myopia or nearsightedness

Cause of Myopia

       An eye suffers from the defect of myopia due to the following two reasons

    1. Abnormally long eye ball
    2. Abnormally high convexity of eye lens

Correction of Myopia Correction of Myopia

       This defect is corrected by using spectacles having suitable concave lenses. The concave lenses diverge the light rays, so the image is formed exactly on the retina.

Correction of Myopia

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What is myopia?

  2. How is myopia caused?

  3. How can myopia be corrected?

  4. Which type of lens is used to correct myopia?

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