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       Biogas or (Gobar Gas) is a mixture of gases which is produced by anaerobic digestion of bio-mass in the presence of water. Generally, biogas is prepared by using animal dung, sewage, fallen leaves, rotten vegetables, straw and human excreta as bio-mass. The gases present in biogas are methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. But, the main constituent of biogas is methane which contributes about 65% part of the biogas.

Biogas a Boon to Farmers!

       Biogas is an ideal fuel which burns without producing smoke. The heat produced by biogas is very high and it does not leave any residue behind after burning. Due to these reasons biogas is used in homes as a fuel for cooking food, and in agriculture to run engines. Biogas is also used for street lighting by producing electricity. In addition to these uses the spent slurry left behind in the overflow tank is a rich source of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. So, it can be used as manure in fields. Thus, we see that using biomass to produce bio gas serves many purposes especially for farmers. That is why biogas is considered to be a boon to the farmers.

Biogas Plant Designs

       In India mainly two designs of biogas plants are used to produce bio gas. These are:

    1. Floating gas holder type biogas plant and
    2. Fixed dome type biogas plant

In both bio gas plants a mixture of cattle dung and water also called slurry is used to produce bio gas.

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What is biogas?

  2. What is slurry?

  3. What is composition of biogas?

  4. Biogas is boon to a farmer, comment.

  5. Name the main constitute of biogas plant.

  6. Name two designs of biogas plant.

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