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  1. Non-metals are Non-malleable or Brittle:- Non-metals break into pieces when stretched. For example, sulphur and phosphorous are brittle non-metals

  2. Non-metals are Non-ductile:- Non-metals cannot be drawn into thin wires i. e. they broke into pieces when stretched

  3. Non-metals are Bad Conductors of Heat and Electricity:- Generally Non-metals are bad conductors of heat and electricity because they do not have free electrons responsible for transfer of heat and electricity

  4. Non-metals are non-lustrous and cannot be polished

  5. Non-metals may be solid, liquid or Gases at room temperature

  6. Non-metals have low melting and boiling points as compared to metals

  7. Most of solid metals are soft

  8. Non-metals are not strong

  9. Non-metals are light substances

  10. Non-metals are non-sonorous

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