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       The important advantages of the modern periodic table are given below :

  1. This classification is based on the atomic number which is a more fundamental property of the elements.

  2. Since this classification is based on the atomic number and not on the atomic mass, the position of placing isotopes at one place is fully justified.

  3. It is easy to remember and reproduce.

  4. The systematic grouping of elements into four blocks; s, p, d and f has made the study of the elements more simple.

  5. The position of some elements which were misfit on the basis of atomic mass is now justified on the basis of atomic number. For example, argon precedes potassium because argon has atomic number 18 and potassium has 19.

  6. The lanthanoids and actinoids which have properties different from other groups are placed separately at the bottom of the periodic table.

Defects of the Modern Periodic Table

The main defects of this table are :

  1. The position of hydrogen is not settled. It resembles with alkali metals as well as halogens. However, it has been placed with alkali metals.

  2. Lanthanoids and actinoids have not been accommodated in the main body of the periodic table.

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