Carbon Compounds


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       According to IUPAC nomenclature alcohols are named by replacing ‘e’ in the name of parent alkane by ‘ol’.

       In this system following rules are followed:

  1. The longest continuous chain containing the carbon bonded to OH group is selected as the parent chain.

  2. The carbon atoms in the chain are numbered in such a way that the carbon atom carrying the hydroxyl group gets the lowest number. For example,

  3. Serial No. Name Structural Formula
    1. Ethan-1-olStructure of Ethan-1-ol
    2. Propan-1-ol Structure of Propan-1-ol
    3. Propan-2-ol Structure of Propan-2-ol
    4. Butan-1-ol Structure of Butan-1-ol
    5. Butan-2-ol Structure of Butan-2-ol
    6. Pentan-1-ol Structure of Pentan-1-ol
    7. Pentan-2-ol Structure of Pentan-2-ol
    8. Pentan-3-ol Structure of Pentan-3-ol