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Secondary sex organs

       These are those organs of sexual reproductive system which do not produce gametes. For example, penis, urethra, seminal vesicles, uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina.

Secondary or Accessory sex characters

       These are those specific characters or structures of male and female sex which help in distinguishing them. These characters or structures appear only on attaining puberty due to the production of sex hormones. These have no direct role in sexual reproduction. Following are the examples of some secondary sex characters which are found in boys or girls on attaining puberty.

In boys

  1. Growth of moustaches and beard
  2. Growth of hair on chest and in the armpits
  3. Growth of pubic hair
  4. Broad shoulders
  5. Deeper voice
  6. Increased aggressiveness

In girls

  1. Growth of hair in armpits
  2. Growth of pubic hair
  3. Soft skin
  4. Less hair on the body
  5. Shrill voice
  6. Onset of menstrual cycles
  7. Development of breasts
  8. Increase in size of vagina

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