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       The human female reproductive system consists of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and vulva.

male reproductive system Of Human Beings

1. Ovaries

       There is a pair of almond shaped ovaries in human females. The ovaries are present near the kidneys in the upper part of pelvis. The function of ovaries is to make ova or eggs and female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

2. Fallopian tubes

       These are also called oviducts. There is a pair of muscular tubes which are present just above the ovaries. Fallopian tubes are joined to uterus at one end while their other end which is broad and funnel shaped covers the ovaries. Their function is to receive the eggs released by ovary. The fertilization of these eggs by sperms also takes place in fallopian tubes.

3. Uterus

       Uterus is a pear shaped, hollow and highly muscular organ which is present behind the urinary bladder. The main function of uterus is to protect, nourish and develop the embryo into a baby.

4. Vagina

       Uterus opens into an elastic and muscular tube through a narrow opening called cervix.
The opening of vagina to outside is called vaginal orifice. spOften the vaginal orifice is partially covered by a thin membrane in virgins and is called hymen. The hymen has a pore through which the menstrual fluid passes out of the female’s body.
       The function of vagina is to receive the sperms during the copulation. It also functions as birth canal because it acts as a passage during the birth of the child.

5. Vulva

       This is the external organ of female reproductive system. A part of vulva is covered by pubic hair. It possesses two openings: upper urethral and lower vaginal. Through urethral opening urine is passed out of the female’s body, while the vaginal opening or vaginal orifice is the opening of female reproductive system.

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