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       Chromosomes can be classified into four types depending on the position of the centromere in it. These are:

Types of Chromosomes 1. Metacentric Chromosomes

       The chromosomes in which the centromere is in exactly middle position are called metacentric chromosomes. These chromosomes are V shaped having two arms of almost equal size.

2. Submetacentric Chromosomes

       The chromosomes in which the centromere is slightly away from the middle point so that its two arms become unequal in length are called submetacentric. These are L shaped or J shaped.

3. Acrocentric Chromosomes

       These are rod shaped chromosomes with centromere very near to the end, so that its one arm is very short as compared to other arm.

4. Telocentric Chromosomes

       These are also rod shaped chromosomes in which the centromere is present at the end.

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What are metacentric chromosomes?

  2. What are submetacentric chromosomes?

  3. What are acrocentric chromosomes?

  4. What are telocentric chromosomes?

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