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Sustainable Development

Environment and Population

       Population of human beings is increasing at alarming rate. Increase in population is causing many environmental problems. To fulfill the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter human beings are exploiting forests, mountains, sea and rivers. All of us know that we have very limited natural resources. So, the ever increasing demands of population cannot be fulfilled by these limited natural resources. If this trend of population increase is not checked immediately, it will disturb the balance in nature and bring disaster.

       So, the only way to improve the environment is to maintain the population of human beings within a certain limit.

Environment and Sustainable Development

       In the past, human beings used to live in nature by utilizing minimum natural resources to fulfill their needs. But, with the passage of time science and technology developed. This resulted in rapid use of natural resources and degradation of environment. In this age of development small villages and town have been developed into big cities.

       Agricultural lands have been used for construction of industries and hotels. Forests and mountains have been exploited for timber and fuel. Dams have been constructed on rivers to produce electricity. In this way development took place at very high rate, but at the same time it has adversely effected the environment.

       So, in order to maintain the balance in nature and to reduce the harmful effects of development on environment it is necessary to keep the development at such a pace that it does not cause any kind of damage to the environment. Such a development which does not cause any kind of damage to the environment is called sustainable development. For this, we will have to plant more trees and live in harmony with nature. Green grassy patches will have to be grown in buildings. And we will have to adopt those technologies which are environment friendly and based on recycling and proper use of natural resources.

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