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Noise Pollution        Noise pollution may be defined as the disturbance produced in our environment by undesirable loud sounds of various kinds. Noise pollution adversely affects our physical and mental health.

Sources of Noise Pollution

Following are the main sources of noise pollution:

  1. Noise pollution is caused by various devices and electric appliances used in our homes such as desert coolers, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, pressure cooker, mixer and grinder etc.

  2. Noise pollution is caused by various sources of entertainments such as television, radios, cd players, stereos etc.

  3. Transport vehicles like scooters, motor-cycles, cars, buses, trucks, trains and aeroplanes cause noise pollution.

  4. Noise pollution is also produced by machinery used in factories.

  5. Loudspeakers, crackers and dynamite blasting are also main source of noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

       Noise pollution affects general health and hearing of human beings.

Effects of Noise Pollution on General Health

  1. Noise pollution causes headache, eye strain and digestive problems in a normal human being.

  2. Noise pollution causes anxiety and stress in human beings.

  3. Noise pollution also increases the rate of heart beat, high blood pressure and heart related problems.

  4. Noise pollution can also cause problems in night and colour vision.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Hearing

  1. Noise pollution may reduce the hearing capacity of a person.

  2. Noise pollution interferes in communication with others.

Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution

       Noise pollution can be prevented by following methods:

  1. The factories should be established out of cities and town.

  2. Use of pressure horn in cities should be prohibited.

  3. The machines used in factories and industries should be lubricated from time to time to reduce sound produced by them.

  4. Use of loudspeakers and amplifiers should be banned.

  5. Better engines should be used in vehicles to reduce sound.

  6. Entertainment devices such as television, radio, stereo, cd players should be played on low volume.

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