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Methods of Disposal of Waste

       We have already discussed that domestic and industrial wastes are the main source of pollution. So, various methods are developed by scientists to get rid of these wastes. Some of important methods for disposal of wastes are:

1. Recycling

       Recycling is the process of converting wastes into new articles. This is the simplest method to get rid of wastes. For example, old books, newspapers, magazines etc. are purchased regularly by paper mills to manufacture new paper.

2. Composting

       All types of organic wastes such as peelings of fruits and vegetables, fallen leaves of plants and faecal matter of domestic animals and human beings can be used to prepare manure called compost.

3. Gobar Gas Plants

       Cow dung and other agricultural wastes can be placed in gobar gas plants to produce gobar gas and manure.

4. Landfills

       We can also get rid of wastes by burying it in low lying areas of city.

5. Incineration

       Incineration is the process of reducing volume of household, chemical and biological wastes by burning it at high temperature. Incineration is carried out in a special kind of furnace called incinerator. During this process, the large volume of wastes is reduced into small amount of ash which is disposed of as landfill.


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