Asexual Reprouction


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               Fragmentation may be defined as the process of breaking up of parent animal into small parts, each of which can grow into a new complete individual. This process of asexual reproduction is found in planaria and hydra.

Fragmentation In Planaria


             Regeneration may be defined as the ability of an organism to grow its lost parts. This method of asexual reproduction is found in protozoa, sponges, hydra, earthworms and starfish.

Regeneration In Hydra

Regeneration in star fish

             In this method if any part or arm of starfish cuts from the main body then this fragment can develop into a complete animal by growing its missing parts.

Test Your Understanding and Answer These Questions:

  1. What is fragmentation method of asexual reproduction?

  2. What is regeneration method of asexual reproduction?

  3. Explain regeneration in star fish.

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