About this website..


Education means the all-round development of mental, emotional, social and spiritual traits of personality. But, unfortunately the current education system of our country is primarily focused on development of mental trait only. Due to this reason in most of educational institutes of our country whether Govt. /Private /Govt. aided, the subjects like Science that are practical in nature and taught like theoretical subjects. In most of schools and colleges the importance of science practicals is fully ignored and only theory is taught to students. Even at higher levels of study such as 10+1, 10+2 with Medical or Non-Medical, Diploma courses and Degree courses practical labs are ignored. This results in lack of understanding of basics of science among students. Due to this reason student start cramming the science topics and forget it very soon.


In order to improve this situation, I have developed this website FunScience.in to enhance scientific awareness among students. Through this website student can learn about science experiments and perform them their self at home. I choose our National Language Hindi in my videos so that students living in rural, semi-urban or in cities who do not have a grasp over English language can also take benefit of FunScience.in


Join us in the Science Education for All mission. Help us reach these video’s to children, teachers and schools. Help us improve our services. Send your comments, suggestions or queries to funscience.in@gmail.com

This endeavour is my way to give something good back to our society and our country.