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Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Metals

Elements belonging to 2nd group in periodic table are called alkaline earth metals.

General characterstics of Alkaline Earth Metals:-

  1. Alkaline earth metals are silvery white in colour, lustrous and relatively soft.
  2. They are strongly electropositive in nature.
  3. These elements have 2 electrons in their valence shell. There general electronic configuration is [Noble Gas] ns2.
  4. Expect Be and Mg, all alkaline earth metals impart characteristics colour to the flame
  5. They have high electrical and thermal conductivity.
  6. They exhibit a valency of +2 as they can lose 2 electrons and forms bivalent ions.
  7. Chemically they are very reactive but their reactivity is less than alkali metals.
  8. They are strong reducing agents.
  9. They have good tendency to form complexes.
  10. Their atomic and ionic radii are smaller than the corresponding members of the alkali metals.
  11. Their ionization enthalpies have higher value as compared to those of Group-1 because they have smaller size. However, down the group their ionization enthalpy decreases.
  12. Their melting and boiling points are higher than corresponding alkali metals in the same period due to small size.