Book: Periodic Table at Your FingerTips

Book: Periodic Table at Your FingerTips
  • Memorize periodic table in just 92 mins
  • Useful for all 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, pre-medical and pre-engineering students.
  • It covers important facts related with elements which are useful in exams.
  • It contains previous year MCQs from IIT, AIEEE, CPMT & other competitive exams.

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Easy science at home...(Hot Experiments)

OERSTED EXPERIMENT :- The magnetic effect of current was discovered by H.C. Oersted in 1820. He observed that flow of electric current through a conductor produce a magnetic field around it.
EXPANSION & CONTRACTION OF AIR :- Air is a mixture of many gases. The molecules of gases present in air have weak inter-molecular forces of attraction . Due to this reason these molecules lie far apart from each other.
TYNDALL EFFECT :- A colloid is a heterogeneous mixture. The size of particles of a colloid is too small to be individually seen by naked eyes. They do not settle down when left undisturbed.


COMBINATION OF RESISTANCES :- When two or more resistances are connected end to end so that same current flows through each resistor they are said to be connected in series.
Periodic Table Of Elements


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